The Weekend Woodworker
Essential Tool List


Table Saw

10” Miter Saw

Random Orbit Sander

Drill/Impact driver

Skil Variable Speed Jigsaw

Circular Saw

Table saw upgrade option: Dewalt

*The Dewalt is a better saw and will have less hassle with the dado insert plate, but it is more expensive.


Drill bit and driver kit (100pcs)

Wet/Dry 6 Gallon Shop Vac

2, 24” BESSEY bar clamps

2, PONY 1/2-Inch Pipe Clamp

48” black pipes

Strap clamp

Dado Set

Dewalt Dado Throatplate

Rigid Dado Throatplate

Measuring tape

Combination square

Framing Square

**If stacked dado blades aren’t available where you live, you can buy single blades and use alternative methods, which are covered in my course, The Weekend Woodworker.

***If you buy the Ridgid table saw in this list AND the dado blades, you will need to purchase a special insert plate for the saw. Check with the manual for part number and purchasing info.


Safety glasses

Hearing protection


Note: You will also need to keep your shop stocked with items such as wood glue, disposable dust masks, sandpaper, screws, masking tape, and stains, depending on the projects you’re working on.