Powered Up Tools &
Project Supplies


Pocket hole jig

Rabbet router bit

Flush-trim router bit

Assorted drill bits and drivers



Roundover router bit

Chamfering router bit


Project Materials & Supplies

1-½” (38mm) hole saw

1-1/4” (32 mm) pocket hole screws, coarse thread (112)

Measuring Tape

2 toggle clamps

Plastic putty knife

Japanese flush-trim saw or hacksaw blade

8 Z-clips

Foam brush

Natural bristle brush

Gray ultra fine hand pad (or steel wool #0000 grade)

Wet-dry sandpaper (320 grit)

Tack cloth

Mineral Spirits - Turpentine Substitute


Brushing lacquer (Need 2)

Mineral oil

Lacquer thinner

Note: Some products cannot be shipped to all states. Finishing products are often cheaper to buy locally.

Pumice stone


Wood glue

1-¼” (32 mm) wood screws

30” (762 mm) piano hinges (continuous hinges) x 2

¾” (19 mm) diameter neodymium magnet door latches x 2, and 2 washers (or other latches of your choice)

Star clamp knob, female 1-½” x ¼” (38 mm x 6 mm) (2)

Self-closing overlay hinges (4)

Power tool safety switch

Powered Up Options

Pro-grip clamp and guide for cutting plywood

Digital angle finder

25’ (7.62m) iron-on edge banding

Band-It edge trimmer


Boiled linseed oil or other finish

⅜” Round-over router bit

Rust-Oleum flat black spray paint

Pre-stain conditioner

Wood stain

INCRA miter gauge

Air compressor

Brad nailer (requires compressor)

Kreg router table insert plate

Insert plate levelers (I highly recommend these if you use the Kreg insert plate)


LED lighting kit


Combination Square

1-¼” Finish nails

22” Full-extension drawer slides x 6

Pocket hole plugs x 4

File hangers

Builder’s paper

Water based polyurethane finish

Heat gun

Router table setup bars

Speed square

Disc and belt sander

Note: You will also need to keep your shop stocked with items such as wood glue, disposable dust masks, sandpaper, screws, masking tape, and stains, depending on the projects you’re working on.