The Weekend Woodworker
Project Supplies

Dado blades and chippers

Self-centering drill bits


Rubber Mallet

Impact driver

Table saw blade

Wood glue

Screws 1-1/4” (32 mm)


Hole saw


Magnetic latch

Door/cabinet pulls

Rust-Oleum Hammered paint

Spray lacquer (6 pack)

Pistol Grip for Spray Cans

Tack cloth

Brushing lacquer

Lacquer Thinner

Note: Some products cannot be shipped to all states. Finishing products are often cheaper to buy locally.

Natural bristle brush

0000 grade steel wool (super fine)

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are better than latex for finishing.

Rigid foam insulation (for cutting plywood)

Shelf supports (if you don’t want to use dowels)

Carpenter’s square

Straight edge such as a long Carpenter’s level

2” (50 mm) locking swivel casters


1/4” (6 mm) brass rod or wooden dowel

Nail set


Note: You will also need to keep your shop stocked with items such as wood glue, disposable dust masks, sandpaper, screws, masking tape, and stains, depending on the projects you’re working on.

Also, keep in mind that some finishing products cannot be shipped to all states and may be found at a lower price at a local retailer.